Road To Slaying God: Chapter 2

Translator: Grim
Rewriter: Nyamh

“Y-yes. She…” Zhang Yang glanced at her. “She’s…my girlfriend,” he stuttered.

“What’s his name?” The large man asked the girl. His mouth stretched into a hideous smile as he checked her out. The girl made him horny, but if this guy really was her boyfriend then he’d better not try to molest her. They were after money not trouble. But, if she didn’t have a boyfriend, he’d touch her. Who wouldn’t? She was hot.

“Zhang Yang!” the girl answered.

Zhang Yang’s head whipped to face her, his mouth hanging open. He never even dared to think this girl knew him.

The man caught Zhang Yang’s motion. His chuckle said it all. “It seems to me, he’s not your boyfriend,” he said. This wasn’t his first rodeo, so of course the boy’s gaping mouth didn’t escape the veteran’s eyes. It was obvious the boy didn’t know the girl. So, no boyfriend meant no trouble. He could do whatever he wanted. The man leered and reached for the girl’s face. His gaze ran down the line of her neck, his hand following.

Zhang Yang could feel her against his arm, the fear rising in the girl’s heart.  He stood up, blood rushing to his head. “She’s my girlfriend—You’re not allowed to touch her.” All of those Hong Kong films he’d watched made it impossible for him to ignore the impulse to save the girl. He could be the hero for once in his life.

But the man merely laughed. “So what if I touch her,” he said. But as he laughed harder, a mysterious force slammed into him, cutting off his voice.

Zhang Yang was weak. He’d looked helpless and pathetic mere moments before. But Zhang Yang now held a knife. And the sharp edge of the serrated knife pressed against the robber’s neck. Steel eyes and a ferociously savage expression pinned the robber to the spot. Zhang Yang’s cold gaze exuded a killing intent so strong that not only did the man feel it but so did everyone inside the compartment. How was this kid even a student?

“You dare,” The man spat out, his words soaked in anger. He was the leader of this band of robbers. How could he let a mere kid—

“Why wouldn’t I dare?!” Zhang Yang’s eyes were like that of a vicious wolf, staring down the leader and his four men with a sneer.

But the change in the boy had this man’s intuition screaming that this kid wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. This kid was extremely dangerous. The man had been in this business for more than a decade; he trusted his intuition. His arrogance was suppressed.

Of course, what made him shut up was the cold, gleaming serrated knife pressed against his jugular. He didn’t know how the kid had gotten his hands on the man’s knife, but its sharp edges inched into his skin, the blood freely flowing down his neck. Not many could maintain their calm when their life was in danger, and even if there was, it certainly wasn’t him.

“Give me back my wallet.” Zhang Yang’s request wasn’t big and could be satisfied immediately. It was a good thing his wallet was at the top of the bag.

“Hold it for me,” Zhang Yang didn’t dare relax. He pointed his chin at the man holding the bag to give the wallet to the girl. “Give the knives to her, too!” Zhang Yang gestured to the men’s weapons. Tension rose in the air between them.

The robbers would have no weapons. They were suddenly certain that they would get torn to pieces.

“Faster!” Zhang Yang ordered, digging the knife deeper into the leader’s neck. Blood trickled over the man’s chest and soaked into his denim jeans, turning them a dark black. Zhang Yang’s voiced dripped with murderous intent. The 200-something people in the entire compartment all knew that if the other four men didn’t hand over their knives to the girl, Zhang Yang wouldn’t hesitate to finish the leader off. Just a bit more pressure would do it.

The man felt the bone-chilling coldness of the knife. Sweat dripped from his brows, his defiance all but gone. “Brother,” he pleaded. “We’re just trying to feed ourselves. Please spare our lives or give us a chance to live.” He knew that if he resisted, he’d be dead. That knife would sever his life before he could even blink.

At this point, the man didn’t even think this kid was a simple student. No student would be so ruthless. This kid was experienced. A professional killer. And not any ordinary professional either. This kid undoubtedly had deep roots in the underground world of Jiang Hu. A true expert. [1]

“This is C County F Town, 20 km from C City Station,” Zhang Yang said. “The train is traveling at 50 km per hour. 24 minutes to reach the next stop. We need to decelerate at 2 turns plus when entering the station, so there’s approximately 30 minutes until we can all get off the train. Earlier, you guys robbed 93 people. You stole 65 wallets, 53 cell phones, 6 digital cameras, 10 rings, and 5 necklaces. You can start returning them now. Once we arrive at the station, give your knives to my girlfriend. At that time, you guys can leave the train in the midst of the chaos. How about it?”

Shocked, the man stared at Zhang Yang. How the hell had this kid remembered everything they had robbed? All of the train car’s occupants also gawked at the kid in surprise. Even the beauty at his side gaped at him with bright eyes. Earlier, she had remembered some of the items that had been stolen, but she hadn’t remembered nearly as much as this pervert had. Not to mention, he’d also managed to calculate the train’s speed and distance in such a short amount of time. She understood that this wasn’t just a matter of simple calculations. There was more to this pervert than she’d originally thought.

Of course, the girl couldn’t have known that, from the very start, Zhang Yang had been calculating how long he could feel her up until the next stop.

“Hurry it up,” Zhang Yang said. “You’re squandering your own time.” Zhang Yang’s eyes were like the icy stars within a night sky, endlessly deep and sharp.

“Hurry, you heaps of waste!” The man tried to shout, but the sharp blade against his throat kept him from raising his voice. The young man’s hand was like a stone eagle, steady and unmoving.

The other four men quickly began to return the items they’d stolen. Time was of the essence, and it held their lives and their freedom in its claws. They knew that if, by the time the train stopped, they hadn’t returned everything, then the young man would definitely not let them go. He would either slice their leader’s jugular, letting him bleed out, or he would report to the police. Of course, neither of these outcomes were what they wanted. The only solution was to do as the young man ordered and then escape in the chaos once the train stopped.

Translator’s Notes

[1]: Jiang Hu is the criminal underground in China

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