Road to Slaying God Chapter 6

Translator: Yuyj

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“I’m back, I’m back…What are you guys yelling about?” Zhang Yang’s face heated up. Every time he heard this “prince” nickname, it felt as if a knife slowly sliced a rivulet down his face. At least this dorm mate had a good mouth on him, and he didn’t add a “voyeur” to his “prince”.

“Brother, are you still dreaming? It’s almost time for morning drills.” The guy sleeping above Zhang Yang’s bunk laughed as he jumped down.

“Morning drills? Aren’t we college seniors now?” Zhang Yang asked, surprised. “We still have to do morning drills?”

Silence filled the dorm room. Nothing and no one moved.

The guys washing their faces stopped, the guys brushing their teeth stopped, and the guys making their beds stopped. Everyone stilled and looked at each other. Even after returning to school for several days, no one had even considered this point! Right, why were they still doing morning drills? They were seniors now. What did that mean? Being seniors meant eating and sleeping while waiting for death. They could just laze around and do nothing. That was the meaning of being a senior.

A brief moment passed as they all just stood as still as light poles. And in that moment, it was as if they all had come to an agreement. Simultaneously, they threw down whatever they were doing. Those washing their faces wiped their faces dry. Those brushing their teeth still had bits of froth on their faces. Those making beds simply flopped down on the beds they were making.

The dorm that was as busy as a raging fire suddenly became peaceful. Everyone serenely relaxed into their mattresses. The spectacting Zhang Yang’s mouth flapped open and closed a couple of times but didn’t manage to say anything. This speed, this movement…wasn’t this too exaggerated?

Zhang Yang closed his eyes, but less than a minute later, he sighed and stood up. Right now, although his body wanted to rest, his mind felt like it was being controlled by a mysterious force. The desire to workout was especially strong. Obviously, there was a fragment of someone inside his body that really loved to exercise in the morning.

“What are you doing?” The guys lounged peacefully in their beds as if they all somehow synchronized their need to play dead.

“Morning exercise,” Zhang Yang said.

“Che,” someone said. [1]

Zhang Yang said nothing.

As he left, Zhang Yang glanced over at the open window where he could see into the female dorms, but he strongly suppressed his voyeuristic urges. He left with a face full of regret for wasting such a good summer morning.

Sulking, Zhang Yang walked by himself as he entered the crowd of people swinging their hands during morning exercises. Though, getting up early wasn’t so bad. The September morning air felt cool and soothing. In the amount of time it took to brush his teeth, the bright sky shone high in the air. It gave people a warm, happy feeling in their hearts.

The exercise field also gained many new faces and lost many old faces. Zhang Yang couldn’t help but let out a long breath. “Being a senior is great,” he said to himself. “I won’t ever have to suffer from the bullying of someone in a higher grade.” Zhang Yang couldn’t help but secretly celebrate that he was caught peeping at an excellent time. It was just before summer vacation, and the seniors were also about to graduate; otherwise, his school life would have become even gloomier.

After messing around in the crowd for a bit and running two laps around the field, Zhang Yang’s tongue was hanging so far out of his mouth, it almost touched the ground. “Son of a bitch,” he gasped. “So tiring…”

In the first place, he didn’t like exercising much. And after languishing away in a hospital bed for over a month, his fitness level had worsened even more. Just a little bit of physical activity left him heaving for what he was sure was his last breath on earth.

The true reason for Zhang Yang coming out to the exercise field was for him to confirm whether or not he received the stamina levels from the people of those knowledge fragments. However, it was obvious—his body was as weak and frail as ever. There wasn’t even a hint of strength. In fact, it was even worse than before the incident.

“Sleep, sleep.” Zhang Yang felt gypped. With his head hanging low, Zhang Yang slowly jogged back towards his dorm. After looking forward to his senior year for so long, he suddenly realized that being a senior was actually quite boring. He had an entire morning free, yet he didn’t know what to do. Zhang Yang let out a deep sigh.

XX College of Arts and Sciences was an extremely strange third-rate school. While other colleges’ senior students were trying their hardest, with their lives on the line, to find a job, this college’s students refused to make any moves. Of course, there was a reason behind this. Because even if this trash school’s students tried to job hunt, they would just be wasting their time. In that case, they may as well laze around. Once graduation came around, they’d just get picked to work in various dead end jobs.

Though this college may be third rate, each year the school had a bountiful number of new students. Although this college wasn’t able to make the national rankings, its environment was sophisticated and had beautiful scenery and a long history. At least this college wasn’t in danger of closing down. There were plenty of lazy rich kids that came here chasing the skirts of beautiful women and lounging in the middle of the picturesque scenery.

“Zhang Yang?” A voice yelled out as Zhang Yang was lost in thought.

Reflexively, Zhang Yang twitched in surprise. There were at least 40 pairs of eyes uniformly staring at him. Furthermore, the majority of those gazes belonged to females. Of course, those gazes were neither warm nor loving, they were filled with stark hatred.

Run…” he thought. “If I don’t run now then I’ll get ripped into shreds!’

Zhang Yang had seen many movies. Experience told him that when women lost their reason, especially beautiful women, they became extremely scary. An otherworldly type of scary.

At this time, Zhang Yang suddenly remembered a saying: a mouse crossing the street would suffer everyone’s ire!

Zhang Yang couldn’t be bothered to see who had shouted for him—he simply turned and ran. Before the crowd of angry little sisters could act on their hatred, Zhang Yang had already escaped without a trace. He seemed to run faster than Asia’s “Flying Man,” Liu Xiang, leaving the crowd of women in a daze. [2]

Zhang Yang stormed like a tornado back to the men’s dorms and collided face first with a female student hugging a bag full of books, knocking them all over the ground.

“Sorry, sorry.” Zhang Yang hurriedly crouched down to help the female student pick up her books. He was too afraid to look at her face. He was afraid that she would recognize him and accuse him of running into her on purpose in order to perv on her. The Zhang Yang of now, besides the new freshmen, was recognized by all the sophomores, juniors, and seniors. His freshman photo was even posted to the newspaper and on the Internet. This was also why that girl on the train had recognized him even though he hadn’t recognized her.

The female student he’d just slammed into had long, flowing hair and an elegant, slender body. She’d almost fallen after colliding with Zhang Yang. Her red cheeks puffed up in anger and was just about to start cursing Zhang Yang. However, after hearing the culprit’s nonstop apologies, and seeing him rush to pick up her fallen books, she fell silent. Because she was wearing a short dress, it was inconvenient to crouch down, so she just waited for Zhang Yang to finish picking up her books.

Suddenly, Zhang Yang’s extended hand froze in midair as he blankly gazed at a book lying on the ground.

A Basic Study on Thought and Methodology. [3] This was a world-famous book on mathematics. It contained the essence of mathematics and provided an incredible explanation and interpretation of foundational mathematical concepts and methodology. No matter if one was a professional mathematician or an aspiring mathematician, this book was a must-read. Especially for middle school teachers, college students, and high school students, this book was essential study material.

As Zhang Yang gazed at this book lying on the ground, it was as if he had been electrocuted. He had come to know this book from a young age. He had never liked math, and even though he was already a senior in college, he had never been able to understand math. But now, he had a sudden extreme desire to read this book. This yearning was so strong that he couldn’t control it. It was as if there was a powerful and compelling force that rose from the void, dominating his thoughts and nerves.

Zhang Yang had been holding another book, so he set it down. Then he gently lifted the book of mathematics and held it in the palms of both of his hands. A voice called to him within his heart. Its intensity making his fingers tremble.

Translator’s Notes

[1]: “Che” is a sound that is often made to convey exasperation.

[2]: “Flying Man” is the title for the olympic gold medalist, Liu Xiang.

[3]: This is actually a real book. The full English title is, What is Mathematics: A Basic Study on Thoughts and Methodology.

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